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Flooded Timber Duck Hunts in Arkansas

Arkansas Flooded Timber Duck Hunts

Hunt Ducks in Flooded Timber

Waterfowl Hunting Location

Our Duck Hunting Lodge is situated within the heart of Arkansas's best duck hunting territory. Located between Brinkley, AK and Little Rock, we have access to over 14,000 acres from McCrory Arkansas to St. Charles Arkansas within an 80-mile radius of the lodge. Some of our hunting areas adjoin to the White river refuse, Cash river refuse and the Deview Bayou. The duck hunting land consists of green timber, flooded timber, rice fields and other habitat ideals for hunting ducks & geese in Arkansas.

The primary hunting areas are within an 80-mile radius of the lodge, offering hunters a variety of waterfowl shooting opportunities without long drives to and from the blinds. 
The Flooded Timber holes we hunt at Blazn Guns are located within 2 miles of the famous White River Wildlife Refuge.
The Wildlife Refuge was established in 1935 for the protection of migratory birds and is one of the most important areas for wintering waterfowl in North America. The refuge is one of the largest remaining bottomland hardwood forests in the Mississippi River Valley and offers ideal habitat for waterfowl.

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Flooded Timber Hunts AK

Hunt the Timber AK

The Arkansas Flooded Timber Hunts

Hunting flooded or green timber in Arkansas is a dream hunt for many duck hunters throughout the world. At Blazn Guns, we have a variety of flooded timber hunting opportunities and amazing hunts in rice fields, sorghum and other waterfowl habitats as well.  The hunts in flooded timber primarily take place within a number of holes close to the hunting lodge, where the wood ducks swarm like bees in the morning light.
As the woodies slow down, the Mallards begin to filter in and the geese normally are not far behind. This part of Arkansas is a Waterfowl Hunters Dream!

Hunt The Timber

Arkansas Duck Hunting

All-Inclusive Duck Hunting Packages

$550.00 per person, per day

  • Includes guided morning hunt
  • Decoys
  • Birds cleaned and packaged for travel
  • Lodging and meals

Afternoon Goose hunt $250 with Paid morning duck hunt. 


  • $325 per person, per day
  • Includes guided morning hunt
  • Decoys
Arkansas Duck Hunting Season

2023 Arkansas Duck Hunting Season

Nov.20 - Nov 29

Dec. 11 - Dec. 23

Dec. 26 - Jan. 31 

Plan Your Arkansas Duck Hunt

Plan Your Arkansas Duck Hunt

Be prepared to dress in layers. Arkansas weather can change overnight.

Pack for your trip:

  • Valid Arkansas hunting license
  • Federal duck stamp
  • Arkansas duck stamp
  • Hunters Education Card (if birthday after 1985)
  • Hip registration
  • Shotgun -- Recommended 20 ga, 12 ga, or 10 ga
  • Steel Shot ( No lead )
  • Warm dry clothing and a hat
  • Face mask or face paint
  • Waders
  • Camera or video camera for you memories

ATV's or UTV's are welcome, but not necessary

Online Hunting License

Guided Hunt Details

Guided Hunt Trip Details

  • All hunts include guide transportation to and from blind
  • Youth hunts $150 when accompanied with a paying adult. Limit 2 per adult.
  • Email: Hunt@Blaznguns.com for more information

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Deer hunts Arkansas

After The Duck Hunt

Other Arkansas Hunting Options

Dove Hunts

$120.00 per day

Pheasant, Quail, or Turkey

( Call or email for info )

Deer Hunts

$50.00 respass fee + buck score:

  • Doe = $200.00
  • Bucks up to 120 = $500.00
  • Bucks 121 to 150 = $1000.00
  • Bucks 151 to 170 = $1500.00
  • Bucks larger than 170 = $2000.00

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