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Frequently Asked Questions about duck hunting in Arkansas

Duck Hunting Arkansa

Do you mix groups on your duck hunts?

No, not if you have three (3) or more.

How many do you hunt in a group?

We try to hunt four (4) in a group but if you have a larger group and want altogether, we'll try to accommodate your wishes.

Can we bring our duck-hunting dog?

Yes, if it is a trained hunter

Can my retriever stay in the lodge?

I'm sorry but we have hunters with allergies so we have a rule: NO DOGS IN LODGE.

Do you duck hunt out of boats?

No. We have one blind that if the water is up, there may be a short boat ride to it; other than that all areas are accessible by ATVs or UTVs.

Do you have self-guided duck hunts in Arkansas?

No not at this time.

Can we bring our own ATVs or UTVs?

Yes, your ATVs and UTVs are welcome. We do have very strict rules on where you can operate them. They must be used on farm roads only unless you are going to the blind or pit in the middle of a field.

What type of hunting do you offer?

We have blinds and flooded timber hunts along Bayou De View and the Cash River, and pumped flooded green timber.

What type of field hunting do you have?

Our fields have pits, permanent and sled blinds.

How many can you have in your lodge at a time?

We can accommodate ten (28) hunters in the duck hunting lodge. The new lodge holds up to 18 and the old lodge 10 hunters.